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Discovering Transcription Services

The common description of transcription services is the practice of taking voice or audio in source and transcribing it (typing or writing) into a written medium. The dictionary definition of transcription is "a written or printed representation of something" or "the action or process of transcribing something. " Transcription doesn't already have to involve an audio source. Certificates, identification, handwritten letters, and more can be transcribed and presented as a PDF or MS Word document. This is called text transcription.Interview Transcript 

While the process is virtually the same for every industry, there are different types of transcription that require individual research, training, education and understanding in order to effectively handle and transcribe the material.

Legal Transcription Services

This type of transcription service is used by legal firms, municipal, state and federal authorities, courts, mediators and other legal professionals. The most common types of transcription within the legal realm want to do with court hearings, depositions, prisoner interrogations and affidavits as well as general correspondence.

Medical Transcription Services

Medical transcription requires a great depth of training due to the medical verbiage. In most cases the service would receive clinical notes that were formed into a voicemail system or into a digital recording device. These notes normally include patient information, charting and treatment, medications, pre and post-operative observations, meetings and more. While short in nature, they are often delivered in high volume. Medical transcription companies often carry certifications involving medical verbiage and must follow privacy practices and HIPAA protocols.

Instructional Transcription Services

A variety of colleges and universities utilize transcription services in order to obtain physical scripts of lectures, meetings, dissertations, group learning sessions, oral histories, presentations, conventions and more. Some students with larger class loads may even record their school room time, sending the digital recordings out for transcription where they later study and highlight notes.

General market trends and General Business Transcription Services

General market trends often involves polling groups of individuals either in oblivious studies or in focus groups to pull together opinions. These recorded sessions can be transcribed for simple add-on in case studies and to acquire data afterwards.

Businesses also turn to transcription services for other marketing means. For example, many businesses have taken to utilizing video and audio for marketing on the web as well as in-person. Seminars, webinars, video blogging and podcasting are all audio based. In order to get the most using this marketing, companies can produce the transcript that is then made available to customers and followers or stored on the web, making it searchable by Google and other search engines.


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