Muhammad Saeed

How is Television and Online Novel Writing Similar?

Writing your novel online is a great idea. People might find your work, publishers could see it and you get the personal satisfaction of having your work read. There are just a few problems with this.

People don't like reading entire novels from their display screen. In fact, anything over 1500 words becomes a stretch for most people. Another problem is getting people back after they leave. Then there is small matter of getting money from your writing. Now how does and the television and online novels being similar help and how are they similar?scum villains self saving system

Firstly, television has stories that go on for years. Some of the best series would take weeks to watch from start to finish. Think of the great series like Michael. A. S. They would. or Dallas and then imagine watch all the assaults in one or two sittings. You need to start to consider your online novel in this light. Sure, publish your work online, but instead than input it all out there, consider turning it into a set.

Some simple techniques to have people returning to your site is to either set up a membership site that allows you to email the readers whenever a new chapter appears. This ensures they come back to your site, read what you have without anxiety about them leaving and keeps people wanting more.

If you don't think a membership site is for you, try a basic site with a sign up form attached. Put you first chapter up to perk their interest, proper they sign up for more chapters you can set up an autoresponder to send the chapters to the person every week or every week depending how often you want your story posted out to you to them.

Keep the assaults under 2000 words and the chances are the person will read it all. That leads to the money making side. With repeat business set up, you can sell banner space, put in AdSense or a Clickbank advertisement up. All three will enable you to get money such as not to provok people. It takes a while to build the income up, but it does grow.


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